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West Wick Yacht Club was founded in 1978 and based at ‘West Wick Marina’ Stow Creek North Fambridge.

Marina owner at the time Mr Ken Garrget being one of the original founding members.

In recent years the marina has become one of the Yacht Haven group of marina’s with an on-going programme of improvements and additional facilities.

The location set in the salting’s of the upper reaches of the river crouch in Essex provides a quiet and relaxing base with excellent road and rail connections to London and beyond.

To find out about a range of activities the club has to offer, call in to the club house and speak to one of the clubs officers.

We look foward to meeting you in the club house. 

                                                                             WWYC Dinner Dance 2016 

dinner dance.png   

                          Laying Up Dinner Dance & Laying Up Supper 2016

       To veiw pictures of the 2016 dinner dance log in using your login details and click on the dinner dance tab on the left   




 Winter series 2016 A4 V2_001.jpg





1.         The series organizing authority is the Joint Clubs Committee of North Fambridge and West Wick YC.                              

2.         Race 1 - Sunday 2nd. October.  Start 11.00hrs, course, results & presentation WWYC.  

             Race 2 – Sunday 16th. October. Start 11.00hrs, course, results & presentation WWYC

             Race 3 - Sunday 30th October. Start 11.00hrs, course, results & presentation WWYC  

             Race 4 - Sunday 13th. November. Start 11.15hrs, course, results & presentation WWYC.

             Race 5 - Sunday 27th. November. Start 11.00hrs, course, results & presentation WWYC              

             Race 6 - Sunday 18th. December. Start 11.00hrs, course, results & presentation WWYC

             Pursuit race – Date TBA.

 3.         Warning signal, Races 1 - 6 - will be made for Class A at 10. 50hrs.

             Pursuit race – Race duration of 2hrs, individual boat start times, finish at or before HW    

             The warning signal will be a sound signal five minutes before the preparatory sound signal which            

             will be followed five minutes later by the starting sound signal. Note: - (NO signal flags)          

4.         Races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

5.         There is no entry fee for this series.

6.         There may be 2 classes of cruisers racing to FYHJCC local handicap. 

             (This will depend on the total number of entries).

              In the event of there being 2 classes the following will apply.

              Class A   fast cruisers - fully crewed and using spinnakers or "downwind" sails.

              Class B - slow cruisers - shorthanded, no spinnakers or cruising chutes.

7.         Competitors can apply for a shorthanded handicap, maximum number of crew 3,

             and  a non-spinnaker handicap to qualify for Class B                                         

8.         RRS 77 Identification on Sails and RRS 26 Starting Races will be changed by Sailing Instructions.

9.         Course to be sailed will be published as an addendum to Sailing Instructions. (Chart Ver 3).

10.       Sailing Instructions will be available on line and at the club houses in hard copy on the 1st. Oct.

11.       Prizes will be awarded to successful boats in each race and for the series.

            5 races to count from 6 races.   (Pursuit race is not included in the series).

End                                                                                                                              FYH/NP/WS/Ver1


                                    FAMBRIDGE YACHT HAVEN WINTER SERIES 2016

                                                            SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

                                        (in accordance with RRS Appendix J2) - Draft 1

1.          Races in this series will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing;

2.          Race 1 – Sunday2nd. October.      

             Race 2 - Sunday 16th. October.                  

             Race 3 – Sunday 30th, October.      

             Race 4 - Sunday 13th. November.             

             Race 5 - Sunday 27th. November.             

              Race 6 - Sunday 18th. December.  

              Pursuit race - Date TBA.

            Warning signal - Class A - 1050hrs. Pursuit Race individual start times.      

3.       Courses will be selected from the issued Ver 3 course card and displayed in

          the NFYC, WWYC and on the Committee Boat.                                                                  

4.        The starting line will be a line due south of the Committee boat displaying a large FYH flag

           which will be at anchor East of Nth. Fambridge.

5.        The time limit for all races will be 15.00hrs, then competitors will time 

            Themselves in and hand result to the RO.       

6.        Competitors will race to the FYH Winter series local handicap system.

7.        RRS 77 Identification on Sails will not be applicable.

            RRS 26 Starting Races is changed and replaced by   Sailing Instruction 8.

8.        Races will be started by sound signals as Warning, Preparatory and Starting signals.

           There will be no visual signals.

9.        Notices to Competitors will be posted in the WWYC and NFYC.

10.      Courses may be shortened at a mark of the course by a Committee boat       

            displaying flag S and making a sound signal.  (Horn).

11.      Protest forms will be available from the Race Officer and times and place of

            hearing notified to the parties of that protest.

            Time limit for acceptance of protests is 2hrs from the last boat to finish the race.

End.                                                                                                    FYH/NP/WS/SI/Ver1


 Winter Series 2016 - Course Card_001.jpg

Club Sailing Dinghies

For the use of all members, the club now has two Topper sailing dinghies.

If you would like to take one out contact Mike Saward (Rear Commodore) 



river-festival-24-05-2015-067.jpg2015-05-26_09-31-14 fyh.jpg

Fambridge Yacht Havens River Festival 2016

05 June 2016

After the success of the inaugural River Festival in 2015, the event will return in 2016 on Sunday 5th June.

Families and sailors came to the Yacht Station at Fambridge Yacht Haven for a action-packed day on and off the water.

2016 will follow a similar theme with a wide range of sail and classic boats, sailing and gig races, workshops and clinics, live music, food, drink and plenty of family-fun.

Full details will be announced in the coming months.


marine store WS 2015.jpgMARINSTORE_RETURNS_01.jpg

 10 % Discount available for all West Wick Yacht Club members from Marinestore, the official sponsor of the        Fambridge Yacht Havens Winter Series.


                                                                                     FOOD & DRINK

t5 .jpgPicture5.jpg

   For great food and a very freindly service,  pop in and see Tony & Cher at The Yacht Club Tearoom / Bar



To see pictures of the Fambridge Yacht Haven Winter Series 2016 click on the link below

 2015 ws.jpg

                                                          Fighting hard but the Robber (Burglar) won



December Events Calendar 2016

11 December 2016 - WWYC XMAS LUNCH

18 December 2016 - W/S RACE 6