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West Wick Yacht Club was founded in 1978 and based at ‘West Wick Marina’ Stow Creek North Fambridge.

Marina owner Mr Ken Garrget being one of the original founding members.

In recent years the marina has become one of the Yacht Haven group of marina’s with an on-going programme of improvements and additional facilities.

The location set in the salting’s of the upper reaches of the river crouch in Essex provides a quiet and relaxing base with excellent road and rail connections to London and beyond.

We look foward to meeting you in the club house.


Summer Racing 2016, Starts Wednesday the 18th of May 7pm, six races to be held over 12 weeks.

For more details pick up an entry form from the WWYC club house.

summer race.JPG


Notice No.3 - Amendment to SI 11.  

For Race No.2 only, the race will be started without visual signals but the sound signals specified in Rule 26 will be made by "OUTLAW".

Warning: 1 sound 5 minutes before starting signal. Preparatory: 1 sound 4 minutes before starting signal. One minute 1 long sound one minute before staring signal.

Starting: 1 sound.



Please note - The WWYC line is between the two 8 knot limit buoys East of Fambridge moorings. The Northern buoy of the line is located at approximately 51-38-17N   00-41-24E.

 Published 18:06 19/05/2016


RACE No.  ONE   -    18th.May 

BOAT NAME             ELAPSED TIME           TCF        CORRECTED TIME             POSN

PICKPOCKET     1 hr.  45 min.  25 secs.   0.849    1 hr.  29  min.   30 secs.         1st.

OUTLAW           2 hr.    8 min.    0 secs.    0.849    1 hr.  48 min.    41 secs.        4th.

BURGLAR          1 hr.  59 min.    0 secs.    0.839    1 hr.  39 min     51 secs.        3rd.

TAXMAN         .... hr ..... min ...... secs     0.849   .... hr ......min ...... secs          DNC

SEVEN ISLES   .... hr ..... min ...... secs      0.869   .... hr ......min ...... secs          DNC 

QUIET TANGO  1 hr.  43 min.  30 secs.    0.925     1 hr.  35 min.   44 secs.       2nd.

Please note that results published post race in the club house are provisional !

Race No:Two Cancelled

RACE No.  THREE   -    15th.JUNE


BOAT NAME             ELAPSED TIME           TCF        CORRECTED TIME             POSN

PICKPOCKET        1hr. 05min. 45secs.     0.849     0hr. 55mins. 50secs.             1

OUTLAW              1hr. 07min. 59secs.     0.849     0hr. 57mins. 43secs.             2

BURGLAR              DNC                              0.839          

QUIET TANGO     1hr. 12min. 55secs.    0.925      1hr. 06mins. 55secs.             3

Please note that results published post race in the club house are provisional !


river-festival-24-05-2015-067.jpg2015-05-26_09-31-14 fyh.jpg

Fambridge Yacht Havens River Festival 2016

05 June 2016

After the success of the inaugural River Festival in 2015, the event will return in 2016 on Sunday 5th June.

Families and sailors came to the Yacht Station at Fambridge Yacht Haven for a action-packed day on and off the water.

2016 will follow a similar theme with a wide range of sail and classic boats, sailing and gig races, workshops and clinics, live music, food, drink and plenty of family-fun.

Full details will be announced in the coming months.


marine store WS 2015.jpgMARINSTORE_RETURNS_01.jpg

 10 % Discount available for all West Wick Yacht Club members from Marinestore, the official sponsor of the        Fambridge Yacht Havens Winter Series.


                                                                                     FOOD & DRINK

t5 .jpgPicture5.jpg

   For great food and a very freindly service,  pop in and see Tony & Cher at The Yacht Club Tearoom / Bar



To see pictures of the Fambridge Yacht Haven Winter Series 2015 click on the link below

 2015 ws.jpg

                                                          Fighting hard but the Robber (Burglar) won



August Events Calendar 2016

07 August 2016 - HOLLAND RETURN

20 August 2016 - WWYC REGATTA

21 August 2016 - WWYC BBQ

27 August 2016 - RAMSGATE CRUISE

28 August 2016 - RAMSGATE CRUISE

29 August 2016 - RAMSGATE CRUISE